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Toxic air to blame for 60,000 cases of dementia

Professor Frank Kelly contributed to an article in The Times titled "Toxic air to blame for 60,000 cases of dementia".  The article reports on the BMJ press release for the recent publication by colleagues at KCL, St George's and Imperial titled  "Are noise and air pollution related to the incidence of dementia? A cohort study in London, England".  A number of other newspapers also reported on the publication including the Guardian, Independent, Standard, Express, Newsweek and Daily Mail.

What car should I buy?

Professor Frank Kelly  was interviewed for a ITV Tonight programme titled "What car should I buy?"


CNBC Interview on air pollution and microplastics

Professor  Frank Kelly was interviewed on CNBC TV as part of the special week’s coverage on the environment.

Thermal imaging reveals children exposed to more toxic air than adults on school run

Professor Frank Kelly is quoted in an Evening Standard article titled "Thermal imaging reveals children exposed to more toxic air than adults on school run".

School children exposed to 30% more toxic pollution than adults while walking to school


New research by Global Action Plan, coinciding with this year’s Clean Air Day, 21 June, found that primary and nursery school children were being exposed to 30% more toxic pollution compared to adults when walking along busy roads.  Professor Frank Kelly is quoted in the article titled "School chilrdren exposed to 30% more toxic pollution than adults while walking to school", published on the Open Access Government website.

How is pollution affecting our health?

The UK is among six EU member states referred to Europe’s highest court this month over a failure to clean up “significant and persistent” air pollution. So how bad is the problem and what impact is it having on our health? FT Science editor Clive Cookson put these questions to a panel of experts at a recent FT event in London. He spoke to Laurie Laybourn-Langton of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, Dr Ian Mudway, from the Environmental Research Group at King's College London and Darran Messem of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

More than 8,000 people call on Sadiq Khan to launch London's first-ever 'Car Free Day'

More than 8,000 people have backed a petition calling on Sadiq Khan to launch London’s first ever ‘Car Free Day’.

As part of a drive to cut air pollution in the capital, nearly 100 organisations have urged the Mayor of London to ban private cars on September 22.  An open letter was sent this week to Mr Khan by groups including Friends of the Earth, environment law firm ClientEarth, King's College London researchers and neighbourhood forums across 15 London boroughs.

‘Game changer’: UK scientists develop a planet-friendly sun cream made from seaweed

A new kind of sunscreen has been made from seaweed that is at least as effective as existing lotions. Professor Antony Young said this research was a ‘potential gamechanger’.

Revealed: The top 10 air pollution hotspots in the UK

King's College London is mentioned in an article in CITYA.M. about the top 10 UK air pollution hotspots.


London Marathon: Figures show massive 89 per cent drop in air pollution

Air pollution fell by almost 90 per cent on a road closed for the London Marathon, according to King’s air pollution monitoring. The Daily Mail, London Evening Standard and Huffington Post mentioned the finding in articles.