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15 June, 2020

Parliamentarians demand clean air exit from lockdown

Professor Frank Kelly of Imperial College London echos comments on no return to pre-pandemic emissions. Please read the exert .Parliamentarians demand clean air exit from lockdown.pdf

11 June, 2020

Where’s Airborne Plastic? Everywhere, Scientists Find.

Dr Stephanie Wright of King's College London comments on atmospheric concentrations of plastic particles in the New York Times.

3 June, 2020

Air pollution in China back to pre-Covid levels and Europe may follow

Dr Gary Fuller of King's College London comments on the increase in air pollution to pre-lockdown levels in China, featured in the Guardian.

31 May, 2020

Traffic-related asthma takes severe toll on young people's health, global study shows

Professor Frank Kelly reviews research related to pollution in the Middle East.

26 May, 2020

How Sadiq Khan wants to tackle London’s air pollution - King's College London scientists research

King's College London Scientists find concentrations of fine particles in air on the Underground network, are 15 times greater than on the roadside in Central London

6 May, 2020

Is air pollution making the coronavirus pandemic even more deadly?

Professor Frank Kelly, of Imperial College London quotes in The Guardian, 'that his group was not publishing preliminary analyses. "The Harvard study has been the best but there are still major...

6 May, 2020

Levels of London pollution both increase and decrease during lockdown, study finds

Professor Martin Williams, Head of Science Policy and Epidemiology at King's College London quotes, 'Our early analysis of the lockdown showed significant reductions in nitrogen dioxide (NO2)...

21 April, 2020

Meet Frank Kelly: Humphrey Battcock Chair of Environment and Health at Imperial College London

Professor Frank Kelly is the inaugural Humphrey Battcock Chair of Environment and Health in the School of Public Health.

17 April, 2020

London news: Lockdown sees capital clean up its act as air pollution plummets

Professor Martin Williams commented on the pandemic’s impacts on air pollution in the Daily Express

20 February, 2020

New Scientist - Opening your windows doesn't help reduce indoor air pollution

Professor Frank Kelly quotes, 'Modern houses are becoming more air-tight as we try to conserve energy' This may be bad for our air quality unless homes are built with mechanical ventilation...