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9 July, 2015

Public Engagement at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus

On July 8th members of the HPRU in Health Impact of Environmental Hazards (HIEH) team engaged with the public, and particularly schoolchildren, at the annual opening of the Harwell Science and...

20 June, 2015

All choked up: did Britain's dirty air make me dangerously ill?

Professor Frank Kelly and Drs Ian Mudway and Ben Barratt contribute to an article in the The Guardian by John Vidal.  

3 June, 2015

Frank Kelly appears at Cheltenham Science Festival

Professor Frank Kelly appeared at Cheltenham Science Festival today, taking part in a discussion entitled "How your life affects your genes". Professor Kelly along with Dr Hector Keun and Dr John...

27 April, 2015

Dr Volker Arlt contributes to the Toxicology Research "New Talents" issue

Toxicology Research has produced a themed edition that showcases the research of outstanding young investigators. This themed issue, termed New Talents, is a compilation of some of the research being...

6 March, 2015

28th Annual Meeting of the German Environmental Mutagen Society (GUM) - Dusseldorf

Dr Volker Arlt was an invited speaker at the 28th annual meeting of the German Environmental Mutagen Society (GUM), in Dusseldorf, Germany, 4th-6th March 2015.  The title of Dr Arlt's presentation...

19 February, 2015

Dr Rosamund Dove joins Theme IV

We are pleased to welcome Dr Rosamund Dove who joins the Neurocognitive and behavioural impacts of traffice derived pollutants in children project. Working with Ian Mudway, Rosamund is supporting...

1 February, 2015

Kylie Morgan joins Theme III

We are pleased to welcome Kylie Morgan who has taken up a position as a PhD student supervised by Antony Young and Kasia Hawrylowicz working on the UV radition and vitamin D project.

29 January, 2015

WLPGA Autogas Summit - Seoul

Professor Frank Kelly was an invited Chair and speaker at the WLPGA Autogas Summit in Seoul, Korea on 29th January 2015.

15 January, 2015

Dr Ian Jarvis joins Theme II

We are pleased to welcome Dr Ian Jarvis who has joined the Genotoxicity of air pollutants project working on cellular responses to carcinogenic air pollutants and complex mixtures thereof. 

1 December, 2014

Alexander Cooper joins Theme II

We are pleased to welcome Alexander Cooper who has taken up a position as a PhD student supervised by Matt Puncher, Tim Marczylo and Tim Ebbels working on modelling internal exposure using PBPK...