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7 November, 2016

Professor Frank Kelly and ERG shortlisted for King's Award

Professor Frank Kelly and the Environmental Research Group have been shortlisted for a King's Environmental Award.  The winner of each award will be announced at the King's Awards ceremony on  ...

31 October, 2016

The costly gridlock: how can we keep our cities moving?

The UK’s population is expected to grow by almost 10 million over the next 25 years – London’s population could reach 9.8 million by 2025. Since many of our cities already suffer from overcrowding on...

19 September, 2016

Frank Kelly named as one of London's most influential people

Frank Kelly appears in The Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 - the paper’s list of London’s 1000 most influential people - as a “Social Crusader”.   Frank attended the launch party held at the...

7 September, 2016

Cross-party air pollution group holds first meeting

The All Party Parliamentary Group for air pollution (APPG) held its first meeting at the House of Commons on the 7th September 2016, bringing together MPs, businesses and industry stakeholders.  ...

4 September, 2016

Mireille Toledano wins award at International Environmental Epidemiology Conference

Members of the HPRU attended the International Environmental Epidemiology Conference in Rome on the 1st to 4th September.  At the conference, Dr Mireille Toledano was awarded the Tony McMichael...

17 August, 2016

Clothes that highlight air pollution are coming to London

The only reminder of the dirty air we breathe is usually just the black stuff that lines every commuter's nostrils, so it's easy to forget that those sputtering exhaust fumes kill up to 9,500...

5 July, 2016

Workshop on "Health Impact Assessment of Local Interventions"

On 24-25 September 2015, PHE held its Annual Review Meeting on Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution Research in the UK at St John’s Hotel in Solihull. It was supported by the NERC Environmental...

17 May, 2016

House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee

Professor Frank Kelly was invited to give evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee session in connection with the Committee’s environmental impact of Microplastics inquiry on the 9th May 2016...

26 April, 2016

Castle Debates

Professor Frank Kelly was invited to join a panel at a public meeting on air pollution hosted by Castle Debates and chaired by environmental lawyer Pamela Castle OBE on 26th April 2016.

24 March, 2016

Pollution cameras to snap toxic cars

BRITAIN is to get its first traffic pollution cameras — devices that can measure the toxins emitted by every passing vehicle to see if they breach legal limits while also identifying the owner.  ...