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Theme 1: Project 1 - Carbon monoxide

Initial work has highlighted the likely extent of low-level exposure to CO to a much larger proportion of the English population than previously thought. Following our analysis of hospital admissions epidemiological analyses will be extended to the development of methodologies to link across A&E, hospital admissions, coroners’ data and mortality datasets (a novel exercise which has benefits for other research) and to the estimation of spatial uncertainty in CO patterns or trends. This work will be linked with information on exposure and exposure markers (such as housing quality) to enable a better estimate of “low-level” exposures. 

The necessity for further deployment of small scale exposure studies in the field (to validate estimates of CO exposure sources) will also be assessed. Integration of this information on population exposure and health effects will support an overall estimate of disease burden from CO to the national population, and indicate what further epidemiology is needed going forward.

Lead researchers

Dr Rebecca Ghosh


Imperial College London

Dr Giovanni Leonardi


Public Health England