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Theme 1: Project 4 - Assessing environmental epidemiology evidence for health effects of low level exposures

There is uncertainty in how best to synthesize and carry out systematic reviews in environmental epidemiology for assessing low level exposure effects and no effect levels. COT and COC are re-evaluating their current review methods in this area (led by A. Hansell, a COT member). Research on some environmental chemicals have identified the power but also limitations of the use of biomarkers for guidance on setting no effect levels (for example work of T Fletcher on perfluorinates, which it is proposed to develop within the HPRU). Parallel discussions in theme 4 to which we have contributed are reviewing uncertainties in assessing cut-offs for health impact assessment of air pollution.

Lead researchers

Dr Tony Fletcher

Theme 1 Deputy Leader

Public Health England

Dr Anna Hansell

Theme 1 Leader: Epidemiological assessment of low level environmental exposures

Imperial College London