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Theme 2: Project 2 - Toxicokinetics

The majority of epidemiological studies are carried out using an assessment of external/blood or urine exposure measures. These are most often though not the target organ or cell of interest that is usually not available for analysis. To overcome this deficiency modelling approaches are used to assess the exposure level at the site of interest. A project will be carried out over three years to build mathematical models to assess internal exposure using data from concentrations measured in accessible body fluids. This project will utilise expertise in radiation models and data from human exposure studies to further develop and characterise mathematical modules of internal chemical exposures.

Aim: To develop toxicokinetic models that permit the evaluation of internal exposure at the target site from measures taken in accessible body fluids such as urine and blood. 

Lead researchers

Professor Timothy Gant

Public Health England Lead & Theme 2 Leader: Modes and mechanisms of toxicity

Public Health England

Dr Timothy Ebbels


Imperial College London