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Theme 3: Project 1 - Novel human cell model of atherogenesis

Epidemiological studies of radiation exposed populations have produced evidence for increased risk of circulatory diseases (primarily but not exclusively, heart attack and stroke) at doses down to about 0.5 Gy. High dose radiation exposures are known to cause direct damage to heart tissue but the mechanisms by which radiation affects risk of circulatory disease after lower dose exposures many years after are unknown.

PHE will develop a human cell model of the blood vessel wall and use it to examine the mechanisms by which radiation may increase the risk of atherogenic circulatory diseases.

hTERT immortalised vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells have been used to develop a model in which lipid insudation and monocyte adhesion/migration can be studied. The effects of radiation on these processes and how the effects are mediated will be explored.

Lead researchers

Dr Ken Raj


Public Health England

Dr Mireille Toledano

Theme 3 Deputy Leader

Imperial College London