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24 Nov 2017

Benchmark dose analyses of multiple genetic toxicity endpoints permit...

Alexandra S. Long, John W. Wills, Dorothy Krolak, Matthew Guo, Stephen D. Dertinger, Volker M. Arlt, Paul A. White

21 Nov 2017

Mechanistic insight into the impact of nanomaterials on asthma and...

Meldrum K, Guo C, Marczylo EL, Gant TW, Smith R, Leonard MO.

7 Nov 2017

A systematic review of the public health risks of bioaerosols from...

Douglas P, Robertson S, Gay R, Hansell AL, Gant TW.

14 Oct 2017

DNA Adducts Formed by Aristolochic Acid Are Unique Biomarkers of...

Marie Stiborová, Volker M. Arlt and Heinz H. Schmeiser

9 Oct 2017

Altered gene expression profiles in the lungs of benzo[a]pyrene-...

Shi Q, Fijten R.R, Spina D, Riffo Vasquez Y, Arlt V.M, Godschalk R.W, Van Schooten F.J.

3 Oct 2017

Quantitation of endothelial cell adhesiveness in vitro

Donna J. Lowe and Kenneth Raj

29 Sep 2017

Time, Dose and Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) Status Dependency...

Kabacik S, Manning G, Raffy C, Bouffler S, Badie C.

11 Sep 2017

Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced Production of Nitric Oxide:A multi-cell...

Graham Holliman, Donna Lowe, Howard Cohen, Sarah Felton & Ken Raj

10 Sep 2017

Comparison of human cytochrome P450 1A1-catalysed oxidation of benzo[...

Marie Stiborová,Radek Indra, Michaela Moserová, Lucie Bořek-Dohalská, Petr Hodek, Eva Frei, Klaus Kopka, Heinz H. Schmeiser, Volker M. Arlt

26 Jul 2017

Comparison of the oxidation of carcinogenic aristolochic acid I and...

Václav Martínek, František Bárta, Petr Hodek, Eva Frei, Heinz H. Schmeiser, Volker M. Arlt, Marie Stiborová