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1 Feb 2018

Differentiation-associated urothelial cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase...

Simon C. Baker, Volker M. Arlt, Radek Indra, Madeleine Joel, Marie Stiborová, Ian Eardley, Niaz Ahmad, Wolfgang Otto, Maximilian Burger, Peter Rubenwolf, David H. Phillips, Jennifer Southgate

3 Jan 2018

Ambient air pollution and thrombosis

Robertson, S. & Miller, M.R.

5 Dec 2017

Impact of London's road traffic air and noise pollution on...

Rachel B Smith, Daniela Fecht, , John Gulliver, Sean D Beevers, , David Dajnak, , Marta Blangiardo, , Rebecca E Ghosh, , Anna L Hansell, , Frank J Kelly, H Ross Anderson, Mireille B Toledano,

5 Dec 2017

Respiratory and cardiovascular responses to walking down a traffic-...

Rudy Sinharay, Jicheng Gong, Benjamin Barratt, Pamela Ohman-Strickland, Sabine Ernst, Prof Frank J Kelly, Prof Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, Prof Peter Collins, Prof Paul Cullinan, Prof Kian Fan Chung,

28 Nov 2017

Urban particulate matter stimulation of human dendritic cells...

Paul E. Pfeffer, Tzer R. Ho, Elizabeth H. Mann, Frank J. Kelly, Maria Sehlstedt, Jamshid Pourazar, Rosamund E. Dove, Thomas Sandstrom, Ian S. Mudway, Catherine M. Hawrylowicz

24 Nov 2017

Benchmark dose analyses of multiple genetic toxicity endpoints permit...

Alexandra S. Long, John W. Wills, Dorothy Krolak, Matthew Guo, Stephen D. Dertinger, Volker M. Arlt, Paul A. White

21 Nov 2017

Mechanistic insight into the impact of nanomaterials on asthma and...

Meldrum K, Guo C, Marczylo EL, Gant TW, Smith R, Leonard MO.

7 Nov 2017

A systematic review of the public health risks of bioaerosols from...

Douglas P, Robertson S, Gay R, Hansell AL, Gant TW.

14 Oct 2017

DNA Adducts Formed by Aristolochic Acid Are Unique Biomarkers of...

Marie Stiborová, Volker M. Arlt and Heinz H. Schmeiser

9 Oct 2017

Altered gene expression profiles in the lungs of benzo[a]pyrene-...

Shi Q, Fijten R.R, Spina D, Riffo Vasquez Y, Arlt V.M, Godschalk R.W, Van Schooten F.J.