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Sensitivity of predicted bioaerosol exposure from open windrow composting facilities to ADMS dispersion model parameters

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13 Oct 2016



P. Douglas, S.F. Tyrrel, R.P. Kinnersley, M. Whelan, P.J. Longhurst, K. Walsh, S.J.T. Pollard, G.H. Drew.

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Bioaerosols are released in elevated quantities from composting facilities and are associated with negative health effects, although dose-response relationships are not well understood, and require improved exposure classification. Dispersion modelling has great potential to improve exposure classification, but has not yet been extensively used or validated in this context. We present a sensitivity analysis of the ADMS dispersion model specific to input parameter ranges relevant to bioaerosol emissions from open windrow composting. This analysis provides an aid for model calibration by prioritising parameter adjustment and targeting independent parameter estimation. Results showed that predicted exposure was most sensitive to the wet and dry deposition modules and the majority of parameters relating to emission source characteristics, including pollutant emission velocity, source geometry and source height. This research improves understanding of the accuracy of model input data required to provide more reliable exposure predictions.