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20 Feb 2020

Indoor sources of air pollutants

RivaS I, FusselL JC, Kelly FJ, Querol X

20 Feb 2020

Mineralogy, geochemistry and oxidative potential of size-segregated...

Pedro Trechera, Teresa Moreno, Patricia Cordoba, Natalia Moreno, Xinguo Zhuang, Baoqing Li, Jing Li, Yunfei Shangguan, Konrad Kandler, Ana Oliete Dominguez, Frank Kelly

20 Feb 2020

Relationship of Glutathione Peroxidase activity to sex differences in...

Steyn Mia, Zitouni Karima, Kelly Frank J, Cook Paul, Earle Kenneth A

20 Feb 2020

Cross-sectional analysis of the relationship of 8-OHdG and vascular...

Karima Zitouni, Mia Steyn, Frank Kelly, Paul Cook, Kenneth Earle

20 Feb 2020

Daily air quality during 2013-2017 and hospitalizations for acute...

L Liang, Y Cai, D Zhang, B Lyu, B Barratt, W Xie, Q Chan, A Hansell, F Kelly, Z Tong

20 Feb 2020

Atmospheric microplastic deposition in an urban environment and an...

Wright S, Uke J, Font A, Chan KLA, FJ Kelly

20 Feb 2020

In depth study of air pollution sources and processes within Beijing...

Vu T, Kotthaus S, Grimmond S, Harrison R, Yue S, Zhu T, Lee J, Han Y, Demuzere M, Dunmore R, Ren L, Liu D, Wang Y, Wild O, Allan J, Barlow J, Beddows D, Bloss W, Carruthers D, Carslaw D, Chatzidiakou...

2 May 2019

Health Impact Assessment Of Air Pollution On Asthma In London

Dr Heather Walton, David Dajnak , Dimitris Evangelopoulos, Daniela Fecht