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1 Sep 2014

Exposure to PM2.5 in modern office buildings through elemental...

Tamás Szigeti, Zsófia Kertész, Christina Dunster,Frank J. Kelly, Gyula Záray, Victor G. Mihucz

6 Aug 2014

Reproductive outcomes associated with noise exposure - a systematic...

Ristovska G, Laszlo HE, Hansell AL.

1 Jul 2014

Carbon in airway macrophages from children with asthma

Rossa E Brugha, Naseem Mushtaq, Thomas Round, Dev H Gadhvi, Isobel Dundas, Erol Gaillard, Lee Koh, Louise J Fleming, Daniel J Lewis, Marek Sanak, Helen E Wood, Benjamin Barratt, Ian S Mudway, Frank J...

1 Jun 2014

Urban air quality: The challenge of traffic non-exhaust emissions

Fulvio Amato,Flemming R. Cassee, Hugo A.C. Denier van der Gon, Robert Gehrig, Mats Gustafsson, Wolfgang Hafner, Roy M. Harrison, Magdalena Jozwicka, Frank J. Kelly, Teresa Moreno, Andre S.H. Prevot,...

11 Apr 2014

Amplicon-based metagenomic analysis of mixed fungal samples using...

Daniel P. Tonge , Catherine H. Pashley , Timothy W. Gant

6 Apr 2014

Cytochrome b5 and epoxide hydrolase contribute to benzo[a]pyrene-DNA...

Stiborova M, Moserova M, Cerna V, Indra R, Dracinsky M, Sulc M, Henderson CJ, Wolf CR, Schmeiser HH, Phillips DH, Frei E, Arlt VM