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The dangerous air we breathe - The Royal Society of Medicine

Professor Frank Kelly,  Imperial College London,  talks about the role of health professionals in the climate change emergency.

Why is Covid Killing People of Colour?

Andrew Grieve, Senior Air Quality Analyst of the Environmental Rsearch Group at Imperial College London reports.

Small increases in air pollution linked to rise in depression, finds study

Dr Ian Mudway of Imperial College London reports on the rates of mental health disorders linked to urban areas and poluution.

Size matters in air pollution – but it’s not enough

Professor Frank Kelly of Imperial College London, quotes 'It's important to know if particles are playing this negative health role, because if they are, then one can bring in apporaches which reduce their production in society'

Urban health research in Latin America

Professor Frank Kelly of Imperial College London, and co-chair of the Urban health reserach in Latin America report from the workshop with the National Academy of Medicine of Brazil and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences held in March 2020, answesrs some key questions which derived from the workshop.

Silvertown Tunnel ‘not compatible’ with GLA’s net-zero goal, says report

Professor Frank of Imperial College London is one of the signatories calling for Silvertown Tunnel to be scrapped.

UK Covid-19 saliva test to be trialled on 5,000 key workers

Professor Paul Elliott of Imperial College London plans to trial 5000 key workers with saliva tests in the next 2 weeks, on the fight against Covid-19

Coronavirus detected on particles of air pollution

Professor Frank Kelly at Imperial College London says the idea of pollution particles carrying the virus further afield was an interesting one. “It is possible, but I would like to see this work repeated by two or three groups.”

Road use and air pollution during the traffic-free Ciclovía in Bogotá in Colombia: towards a natural experiment- Round-up

Professor Frank Kelly attended the Global Challenges Research Fund Newtworking Event in Colombia, 5th - 8th March and presented, 'London England: A test bed for traffic management schemes to improve air quality.