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Air Pollution from burning solid fuel

Dr Gary Fuller reports on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours talking about Air Pollution from burning solid fuel. The report is 8 mins in.

Air Pollution: Call for stricter rules in Wales

Researchers at King's College London, including Dr Martin Williams, Dr Heather Walton, Dr Klea Katsouyanni and Dimistris Evangelopoulos examine how air quality could affect health outcomes.

New Year Fireworks filled with metal particles

Dr Gary Fuller reports in The Guardian.

LBC News: Dr Gary Fuller Interview

Dr Gary Fuller, from King's College London, was interviewed by LBC News about the causes and effects of air pollution in the capital.

There's no escape - plastic is now in the air you breathe

Researchers at King's College London show findings that plastic can disintegrate into pieces so small they can be inhaled. Professor Frank Kelly says, 'that microplastics can come from many sources, from everyday furniture to fibers in carpets, and from car tires' 

Smog in Europe's cities '27 times more lethal than China's air pollution

Professor Frank Kelly quotes, 'the relative risks in China, "are considerably less than those seen in Europe and the US"

How to deal with indoor air pollution

Professor Frank Kelly advises on how to lower indoor air pollution.

Toxic Tube lines mean London Underground is world's worst for air pollution

Coverage on the story has appeared in The Times, The Independent and Daily Mail.

Air pollution and risk of lung damage in children and risks of lung cancer

Report from King's College London shows 13 health conditions in people living in high pollution areas

Silvertown Tunnel: Pollution expert who backed ULEZ slams Sadiq Khan over £1 billion scheme

Leading Pollution expert Professor Frank Kelly from King's College London, signs letter urging Mayor Sadiq Khan to scrap the build of a new road tunnel under the Thames.