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Location, location, lung disease: pollution ads target property market

7 May, 2019

A citizen-funded advertising campaign against air pollution will target the property market with billboard slogans including “Location, location, lung disease” and “The neighbourhood’s gone to the docs”.
These will be accompanied by online ads and a website where homebuyers and renters in London will be able to look up levels of toxic air for the property they are considering. The campaign will launch in the capital in late May and there are plans to make it nationwide.

Prof Frank Kelly of King’s College London, where members of the Environmental Research Group are creating the air pollution maps, said: “Many people don’t learn about air pollution levels and the health consequences until after they have suffered its effects.

“With an air quality index rating for every house in the country using the latest data, this will enable the public to better understand the air quality at their own front door.”