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King's to help transform health through data science following £54 million award

27 February, 2018

King's College London has been chosen as a foundation partner of a new national institute Health Data Research UK. King’s will join UCLImperial College LondonQueen Mary University of London and The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in a collaborative partnership of five London universities.

Health Data Research UK is initially awarding £30 million funding to six sites across the UK to address challenginghealthcare issues throughuse of data science.

Each site has world-class expertise; a track record in using health data to derive new knowledge, scientific discovery and insight; and works in close partnership with NHS bodies and the public to translate research findings into benefits for patients and populations.

From April this year, the six sites will work collaboratively as foundation partners in Health Data Research UK to make game-changing improvements in people’s health by harnessing data science at scale across the UK. 

Each site’s research organisations will receive long-term funding awards and will become part of a collaborative research community working together to deliver the priorities of Health Data Research UK. This initial funding is awarded following a rigorous application process, which included interviews with an international panel of experts.

Professor Tim Hubbard, HDR London site Director, King’s College London said: ‘This collaborative partnership will herald a new and exciting era in healthcare that will combine the knowledge and skills of London's leading universities, the NHS and industrial partners to generate more benefits for patients more quickly.

‘I’m excited that King’s College London will be working with London’s other best universities in health data science as part of HDR UK, alongside Directors from UCL (Professor Harry Hemingway), Imperial (Professor Paul Elliott), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Professor Liam Smeeth) and Queen Mary University of London (Professor David van Heel).’

Scientific investigators at King's College London are Richard Dobson, Vasa Curcin, Robert Stewart, Sean Beevers, Martin Gulliford, Matthew Hotopf, Tim Hubbard, Professor Frank Kelly, Sabine Landau, Cathryn Lewis, Julia Schnabel, Michael Simpson, Tim Spector, Daniel Stahl and Charles Wolfe.

This is the first phase of investment to establish Health Data Research UK. A further £24 million will be invested in upcoming activities, including a Future Talent Programme and work to address targeted data research challenges through additional partnership sites.