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Public Engagement at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus

9 July, 2015

On July 8th members of the HPRU in Health Impact of Environmental Hazards (HIEH) team engaged with the public, and particularly schoolchildren, at the annual opening of the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus facilities.  During the open week approximately 10,000 members of the public were expected to visit the site. Approximately 1500 school children were expected to attend on July 8th, which was schools day.  The HPRU HIEH stand highlighted projects in the work areas of ‘Particles and You’, ‘Ensuring a good start in Life’ and ‘Affairs of the Heart’. Three posters were displayed and there were heart related experimental exhibits, nanoparticle cosmetics, and lots of carbon monoxide giveaways including mugs, pencils and colouring books.