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1 January, 2020

New Years Fireworks Display - Smoky London and Air Pollution

Dr Gary Fuller spoke with the Daily Mail on the amount of air pollution caused by the New Years Eve fireworks display

6 November, 2019

This is why electric cars won't stop air pollution

Professor Frank Kelly of King's College London states that 'the latest research is indicating that non-tailpipe PM emissions are now 55-60% of vehicle emissions and this will grow with...

21 October, 2019

Higher air pollution days trigger cardiac arrests and hospitalisations

Dr Heather Walton of King's College London quotes, 'The impact of air pollution on our health has been crucial in justifying air pollution reduction policies for some time, and mostly concentrates...

12 October, 2019

Revealed: How much cocaine Londoners are taking every day

Dr Leon Barron, Forensic scientist at King's College London tells Sky News, that researchers found 'sustained cocaine usage across the week' in the capital, with only 'a slight rise at the weekend...

10 October, 2019

One in four of London's green spaces breaches air quality safety limits

Reports on parks in the capital with worst air quality. Researchers at Imperial College and Leicester University analyze air quality levels in green spaces with interesting results.

8 October, 2019

New app allows users to sidestep Sarajevo's smog

Andrew Grieve, Senior Air Quality Analyst, part of the team at King's College London that has helped developed the app.

16 August, 2019

Effects of exposure to increased o-zone concentrations

Professor Frank Kelly was interviewed for a BBC Radio 4 news item in relation to a new study in the US which has shown that elevated o-zone has the same effect on causing emphysema as a packet of...

18 June, 2019

Study finds people eat at least 50,000 plastic particles a year

The average person swallows at least 50,000 particles of microplastic a year and breathes in a similar amount, according to the first study to estimate human ingestion of plastic pollution,


18 June, 2019

MetaSUB Global City Sampling Day 2019 is nearly here

On Friday 21 June, cities across the world will be taking part in this citizen science initiative where they will be swabbing metro lines. In London, we aim to sample 3 locations at 272 of the...

18 June, 2019

Britain's toxic air scandal

Channel 4's Dispatches programme ran an exclusive experiment to try to dramatically reduce hundreds of children's exposure to toxic air in one of the UK's most polluted schools.