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13 September, 2017

Plastic, plastic everywhere: even in the water you drink

Professor Frank Kelly is quoted in an article in The Hindu titled, "Plastic, plastic everywhere: even in the water you drink", which states that "Microplastic contamination has been found in tap...

8 September, 2017

Aircraft noise at night linked to high blood pressure

Unit members Klea Katsouyanni and Anna Hansell are among the authors on a cohort study published in  Occupational & Environmental Medicine in June that suggests that long-term exposure to...

16 June, 2017

Study on exposure to pollution from municipal waste incinerators published

A study has been published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology looking at an assessment of exposure to particle pollution around 22  municipal waste incinerators. Authors Include Dr...

31 May, 2017

Noise from busy roads might increase heart disease risk, finds new study

A group of scientists, including HPRU members Dr Anna Hansell and Professor Paul Elliott have published a paper entitled "Long-term exposure to road traffic noise, ambient air pollution, and...

26 April, 2017

Foundation for Science &Technology

Professor Frank Kelly  presented at the Foundation for Science & Technology event titled "What needs to be done to meet urban air quality targets and what are the consequences if the targets...

17 February, 2017

New research to fill vital knowledge gaps in what causes cancer

Professor David Phillips along with a team of researchers have received £20 million from Cancer Research UK to fill vital knowledge gaps in the environmental and behavioural causes of cance

19 January, 2017

Air Quality and Health - Brentford

More than 150 members of the local community braved the cold weather on Tuesday evening to hear Professor Frank Kelly, Caroline Russell AM and Ruth Cadbury MP describe the serious impact traffic...

13 December, 2016

PHE Research 2015 to 2016: annual review

The PHE Research 2015 to 2016 annual review is now avialble and highlights among other things some HPRU relevant items from a PHE perspective, focussing on early indicators of impact.

7 November, 2016

Professor Frank Kelly and ERG shortlisted for King's Award

Professor Frank Kelly and the Environmental Research Group have been shortlisted for a King's Environmental Award.  The winner of each award will be announced at the King's Awards ceremony on  ...

31 October, 2016

The costly gridlock: how can we keep our cities moving?

The UK’s population is expected to grow by almost 10 million over the next 25 years – London’s population could reach 9.8 million by 2025. Since many of our cities already suffer from overcrowding on...