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Governance and Reporting Structure

The Unit Director

The Unit Director has overall responsibility for the strategy and direction of the Unit, supported by members of the Health Protection Research Unit Leadership Group. Formal reporting lines of the Unit are through its Director (advised by the Health Protection Research Unit Leadership) to King’s College London Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine.
This Committee is the senior management, strategy and decision-making forum of the Unit. The Committee membership encompasses the four Research Themes. It is supported by Theme specific groups representing Investigators, Researchers and PhD students. 

The Health Protection Research Unit Leadership Group meets twice annually to develop and implement strategy, plan and review progress, identify, invite and vet new recruits, overview training and career development, and highlight opportunities for cross-Theme, cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary working. Formal minutes and action points are issued and made available to members on the Unit’s website.

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External Advisory Board

Our External Advisory Board is an independent group of external experts, including a lay member and a cross HPRU representative, that provides scientific advice to the Director of NIHR HPRU.
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Interdisciplinary forums

Interdisciplinary forums led by the four Theme leads & deputy leads provides effective leadership and oversight of key initiatives/priority issues. These forums are held twice annually and minutes and action points are issued and made available to members on the Unit’s website.


PPI/E Strategic Oversight Group (SOG)

We have established PPI/E champions across each theme, reflecting membership across the component parts of the HPRU, ensuring that the identified leads have sufficient seniority and experience in PPI/E provision to drive forward our strategy. We are currently formulating our PPI/E strategy document to formalize our objectives over the lifetime of the HPRU for publication on our website.