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Theme 1: Project 3 - Cluster guidelines/Rapid Inquiry Facility

We aim to complete and make available guidelines on investigation of clusters of non-infectious disease; involving developing case studies, completing draft guidance, consulting widely in the public health community (including PHECs & FES) on these guidelines, and finalising them in the light of the consultation.

In addition a journal article will be prepared reflecting this policy and public health teaching materials developed. There will be close cooperation with the Rapid Inquiry Facility (RIF) and the RIF will be modified as needed to permit the use of its disease mapping and cluster analysis statistical software in the cluster guidelines and for environmental public health tracking. This will also incorporate exposure assessment information.  For example, results of these analyses can be a key element of the trigger to establish health register arrangements and field epidemiology response. 

Lead researchers

Dr Tony Fletcher

Theme 1 Deputy Leader

Public Health England

Dr Fred Piel

Theme 1 Leader - Epidemiological assessment of low level environmental exposures

Imperial College London