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Theme 1: Project 4 - Assessing environmental epidemiology evidence for health effects of low level exposures

This project addresses uncertainties in assessing dose-response effects of low level exposures, with initial work focussing on systematic reviews and work on dose response assessment from perfluorinated compounds.

A new activity for years 5 & 6 arises from PHE’s tracking work assessing the potential health risk and benefits of fluoridation schemes, using multi-level models of small area rates of relatively rare outcomes, adjusting for strong socio-economic determinants. We will continue this work on perfluorinated substances (PFAS), now in collaboration with the Horizon2020 HBM4EU project.

Pooling various existing cohorts with biomarker assessments of PFAS will allow more precise characterisations of dose response relationships and assessment of thresholds of effect, as up to now most studies have been exclusively of either very high or very low exposure.

Lead researchers

Dr Tony Fletcher

Theme 1 Deputy Leader

Public Health England

Dr Fred Piel

Theme 1 Leader - Epidemiological assessment of low level environmental exposures

Imperial College London