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Theme 2: Introduction

The concept of a mode of toxicity is an understanding of the interaction of a chemical with cellular biochemistry from the level of exposure though to outcome, and therefore includes internal exposure, mechanisms of toxicity and disease pathways. With the exception of disease pathways these aspects are captured in this theme. This activity has a particular, but not exclusive focus, on early life effects because this is recognised as a susceptible stage of life of particular public health concern and addresses one of PHE’s seven Big Ambitions ‘Every Child ready to learn’. 

Overall aim of this theme: To use molecular methods to show causation of associations between disease and exposure to environmental hazards and better assess exposure by reference to mechanism of action.

Lead researchers

Professor Timothy Gant

Public Health England Lead & Theme 2 Leader: Modes and mechanisms of toxicity

Public Health England

Professor David Phillips

Theme 2 Deputy Leader

King's College London