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Theme 4: Project 1 - Optimising assessment of health impacts of air pollution

Aims: Estimate the health burden of total air pollution, and health impacts of feasible reductions in air pollution, selected in consultation with stakeholders in London, and more widely, using WHO and COMEAP recommendations, DH-funded meta-analyses on effects of short-term exposure and on long-term exposure and asthma prevalence, outputs from key air pollution and health projects and other areas of literature sufficient for a consensus position. 

Set out a strategy for development of health impact assessment (HIA) methods considering use of simulations, data from studies in the unit and consideration of the literature to investigate the importance of matching the geographical scale of exposure estimates in epidemiological studies underlying the coefficients and exposure estimates used in HIA, relationships between average and personal exposure, and use of coefficients from multipollutant models.

Lead researchers

Dr Heather Walton

Theme 4 Leader: Health effects of noise and air pollution including nanoparticles

King's College London

Dr Karen Exley


Public Health England