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Theme 4: Project 3 - Nanoparticle exposure assessment

The public health risks associated with exposure to many engineered nanoparticles remain uncertain. Recent studies illustrating similarities between the pulmonary effects of some carbon nanotubes and asbestos, and the well-documented effects of fine particulate air pollution on cardiorespiratory health, add to these concerns.

This project aims to characterise the inhalation exposures of members of the public from nanoparticles in consumer products, in terms of nanomaterial types and the levels and characteristics of the exposure (e.g. particle size and other physico-chemical properties), focussing on a key panel (5 – 10) of representative products.

This project provides input to project 4 and more to the currently scarce information in this area required to support appropriate risk assessments.

Lead researchers

Dr Rachel Smith

Theme 4 Deputy Leader

Public Health England

Professor Terry Tetley


Imperial College London