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Theme 4: Project 9 - Responsive Work - Review of air pollution and adverse birth outcomes

The fundamental causes of adverse birth outcomes are not well understood, despite growing evidence that environmental factors may play an important role.  Air pollution is one of the most likely environmental factors and evidence of adverse health effects of ambient air pollution has risen dramatically in recent years. An increasing number of studies have shown that maternal exposure to air pollution can affect the developing foetus, resulting in adverse birth outcomes such as infant death, still birth, term low birth weight, preterm birth, and small for gestational age.

To further understanding of the association between air pollution and birth outcomes, we will collect all data presently available and conduct a quantitative meta-analysis on the relationship between PM2.5 exposure and term low birth weight or preterm birth (and other birth outcomes if the evidence base is sufficient).

Lead researchers

Dr Julia Fussell


King's College London

Dr Heather Walton

Theme 4 Leader: Health effects of noise and air pollution including nanoparticles

King's College London