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Terms of reference

  • To establish formal collaborative relationships with the funding bodies (NIHR, DH) and other national and international agencies in the field of environment and health.
  • To develop a robust management structure to enable the integrated operation of the Unit across component research groups at King's, PHE and Imperial.
  • To establish an International Advisory Board to oversee the research and training strategies; and a Leadership Group to facilitate development of research projects in the research programme and to facilitate development of the training programme.
  • To recruit high quality candidates to the post-doctoral and support positions, and to the PhD studentships funded by the Unit and partner institutions.
  • To promote collaborations with other research units, centres and institutes, and to stimulate research collaboration and multi-disciplinary working across the Unit's research groups through the Interdisciplinary forum.
  • To regularly disseminate information on the Unit's activities to all staff and students within the Unit.
  • To support coordinated responses to project and programme grant funding opportunities in order to develop the Unit's research themes.
  • To develop a robust programme for training of the next generation of environmental health scientists, through MSc and PhD programmes, and purpose-designed short courses.
  • To promote scientific visibility of the Unit through substantive publications, presentations at international conferences, hosting international scientific meetings, and a seminar series.