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Dimitris Evangelopoulos


PhD Student

Theme 4 - Health effects of noise and air pollution including nanoparticles

King's College London
Dimitris has a Diploma in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences from National Technical University of Athens and an MSc in Biostatistics from the University of Athens. His thesis, titled ‘Association between Respiratory Function and Symptoms with Ozone Exposure in Schoolchildren: An analysis within the framework of the RESPOZE project' was part of the RESPOZE project on which he worked as a statistician. Dimitris's interests lie in Biostatistics, Environmental Epidemiology, Measurement Error Theory, Simulations and Statistical Analysis. 
Dimitris is supervised by Heather Walton and Klea Katsouyanni working on simulation of multi-pollutant model results in the presence of measurement error to aid interpretation of the size of air pollutant effects in health impact assessment.