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Dr Martin Leonard



Theme 2 - Modes of toxicity (Biochemical pathways from toxin to disease)

Public Health England

Senior Toxicologist, Public Health England.

Visiting Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, King’s College London.

Martin Leonard PhD, qualified in Pharmacology from University College Dublin in 2000. He began his postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Diego followed by a fellowship at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin. In 2005, Martin joined the Conway Institute Lung physiology group at University College Dublin, where he developed expertise in experimental models of pulmonary exposure. In 2008 he established a toxicology research group at the School of Medicine, University College Dublin, and has considerable experience of novel methods to assess organ specific toxicity. Here he developed significant teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

From 2013, Martin has worked for Public Health England’s Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental hazards (CRECE). He is part of a larger programme to assess risk and identify hazards associated with the development of Asthma. He has also been appointed as Visiting Lecturer at King’s College London (2013). Martin has over 30 peer reviewed publications and has achieved significant funding at national and international level.