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Dr Rebecca Close



Theme 1 - Epidemiological assessment of low level environmental exposures

Public Health England

Environmental Public Health Scientist - Environmental Public Health Tracking, Centre for Radiation, Environmental and Chemical Hazards (CRCE), Public Health England

Rebecca Close received her undergraduate Biology degree and has a Master’s in Public Health (MPH). She has worked for the Health Protection Agency (HPA), now Public Health England (PHE) for the past 8 years across environmental and infectious disease epidemiology.

In September 2014 she finished a two year secondment to the UK Field Epidemiology Training Programme. The programme runs in parallel with the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology, EPIET, it is designed to equip fellows with skills, knowledge and experience in field epidemiology.

She is now Environmental Public Health Scientist in the Environmental Public Health Tracking team at CRCE and is working on a range of projects including biomonitoring in a population who have private drinking water supplies in Cornwall, carbon monoxide surveillance, Surveillance of Lead in Children (SLiC) project, developing guidance for clusters of non-infectious diseases and the design and implementation of an Environmental Public Health Surveillance System.

Rebecca has presented oral and poster presentations at a number of National and International conferences and has a number of published peer reviewed papers.