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Mr Simon Birkett


External Advisory Board Member

External Advisory Board

Simon Birkett is Founder and Director of Clean Air in London which campaigns for full compliance with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for air quality throughout London and elsewhere. Milestones have included:
• Building public understanding of air pollution with advice for people on mitigation and adaptation;
• The UK publishing local and national estimates of deaths attributable to long-term exposure to fine particles (PM2.5); 
• A robust EU Air Quality Directive in 2008 and continuity and tightening of health and legal protections in the European Commission's 'Clean Air Policy Package' in 2013; and 
• Being quoted frequently in the UK and international media and active in social media.
Simon created the 'Birkett Index' and app which show the health impact of long-term exposure to PM2.5 based on WHO guidelines. He was a Founder member of the Executive Council of the European Chapter of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, appeared in Chái Jing’s ‘Under the Dome’ and is a member of the United Nation Environment Programme’s High-Level Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Advisory Group (HLG) for GEO-6.
Simon obtained a Masters of Science from the London Business School after a first class honours degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Melbourne. He spent over 20 years at HSBC latterly as Group Head of Financial Education within the Corporate Sustainability function.