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Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2017 Health Impacts of All Pollution – what do we know?

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2 Mar 2018



Chapter 3 - 21st century chemicals. Timothy W. Gant. Helen E. Smith, Emma L. Marczylo, Miriam N. Jacobs, Timothy H. Marczylo, Ovnair Sepai, Andrew Tristem. Chapter 8 - Pollution – data, surveillance and health impacts. Paul Elliott, Frédéric B. Piel, Daniela Fecht and Anna L. Hansell. Chapter 9 - Measurement and communication of health risks from pollution. Kevin McConway, Helene Joffe, Marian Scott, David Spiegelhalter, Heather Walton.

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The Chief Medical Officer’s annual report for 2017 presents evidence and debate around:

pollution caused by healthcare
pollution and health inequalities
new pollution issues
measurement and communication of risks
The Chief Medical Officer makes recommendations to government, the NHS, Public Health England and other agencies for action to improve the health system’s response to all types of pollution.

The report also considers:

changes needed to better understand emerging threats
bringing together sources of information to give public health professionals a better idea of how to improve the health of people at a local level