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In depth study of air pollution sources and processes within Beijing and its surrounding region

Publication date: 

20 Feb 2020


APHH-Beijing ACP Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics


Vu T, Kotthaus S, Grimmond S, Harrison R, Yue S, Zhu T, Lee J, Han Y, Demuzere M, Dunmore R, Ren L, Liu D, Wang Y, Wild O, Allan J, Barlow J, Beddows D, Bloss W, Carruthers D, Carslaw D, Chatzidiakou L, Crilley L, Coe H, Dai T, Doherty R, Duan F, Fu P, Ge B, Ge M, Guan D, Hamilton J, He K, Heal M, Heard D, Hewitt C, Hu M, Ji D, Jiang X, Jones R, Kalberer M, Kelly F, Kramer L, Langford B, Lin C, Lewis A, Li J, Li W, Liu H, Loh M, Lu K, Mann G, McFiggans G, Miller M, Mills G, Monk P, Nemitz E, O'Connor F, Ouyang B, Palmer P, Percival C, Popoola O, Reeves C, Rickard A, Shao L, Shi G, Spracklen D, Stevenson D, Sun Y, Sun Z, Tao S, Tong S, Wang Q, Wang W, Wang X, Wang Z, Whalley L, Wu X, Wu Z, Xie P, Yang F, Zhang Q, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zheng M

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