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Working Paper 3: Exploratory burden calculations of mixtures of PM2.5 and NO2

Publication date: 

31 Jul 2018


PHE publication gateway reference 2018238


Walton H. & Evangelopoulos D

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Burden calculations are used as an approximate snapshot of the general size of the public health problem posed by air pollution. They are intended to be simpler to do than impact calculations used in policy analysis. Policy analysis may require detailed analysis of the effect of specific pollutants because regulations are on a pollutant by pollutant basis and it is thought that policies that target these specific pollutants may be more efficient. This is not required to the same degree for burden calculations. As has been discussed earlier in the report, it is very challenging to disentangle the effects of specific pollutants in epidemiological studies. In some respects, the epidemiological studies are better suited to estimating effects on health of mixtures of air pollutants. This Working Paper explores the potential ways in which previous calculations of burden by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants, COMEAP (2010), might be changed by the new understanding developed in the process of preparing this report.