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23 Apr 2017

Determinants of personal exposure to ozone in school children....

Dimakopoulou K, Grivas G, Samoli E, Rodopoulou S, Spyratos D, Papakosta D, Karakatsani A, Chaloulakou A, Katsouyanni K

15 Apr 2017

Associations between environmental factors and hospital admissions...

Piel FB, Tewari S, Brousse V, Analitis A, Font A, Menzel S, Chakravorty S, Thein SL, Inusa B, Telfer P, de Montalembert M, Fuller GW, Katsouyanni K, Rees DC.

13 Apr 2017

Air pollution and the incidence of ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke...

Butland BK, Atkinson RW, Crichton S, Barratt B, Beevers S, Spiridou A, Hoang U, Kelly FJ and Wolfe C.

23 Mar 2017

Ozone exposure assessment for children in Greece-Results from the...

Grivas G, Dimakopoulou K, Samoli E, Papakosta D, Karakatsani A, Katsouyanni K, Chaloulakou A

5 Mar 2017

Objective assessment of dietary patterns by use of metabolic...

Garcia-Perez I, Posma JM, Gibson R, Chambers ES, Hansen TH, Vestergaard H, Hansen T, Beckmann M, Pedersen O, Elliott P, Stamler J, Nicholson JK, Draper J, Mathers JC, Holmes E, Frost G

10 Feb 2017

Slow lung clearance and limited translocation of four sizes of...

Buckley A, Warren J, Hodgson A, Marczylo T, Ignatyev K, Guo C, Smith R.

16 Jan 2017

Quantitative relationships between lacZ mutant frequency and DNA...

Paul A. White, George R. Douglas, David H. Phillips and Volker M. Arlt

21 Dec 2016

ASTHMA - comparing the impact of vitamin D versus UVR on clinical and...

Kylie A. Morgan, Elizabeth H. Mann, Antony R. Young and Catherine M. Hawrylowicz

22 Nov 2016

Nutlin-3a selects for cells harbouring TP53 mutations

Jill E. Kucab, Monica Hollstein, Volker M. Arlt and David H. Phillips

4 Nov 2016

Mutational signatures associated with tobacco smoking in human cancer

Ludmil B. Alexandrov, Young Seok Ju, Kerstin Haase, Peter Van Loo, Iñigo Martincorena, Serena Nik-Zainal, Yasushi Totoki, Akihiro Fujimoto, Hidewaki Nakagawa, Tatsuhiro Shibata, Peter J. Campbell,...