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3 Sep 2018

A scoping review of the epidemiological methods used to investigate...

Manuela De Sario, Roberto Pasetto, Simona Vecchi, Ariana Zeka, Gerard Hoek, Paola Michelozzi, Ivano Iavarone, Tony Fletcher, Lisa Bauleo, Carla Ancona

29 Aug 2018

Effects of vitamin D on inflammatory and oxidative stress responses...

Paul E. Pfeffer, Haw Lu, Elizabeth H. Mann, Yin-Huai Chen, Tzer-Ren Ho, David J. Cousins, Chris Corrigan, Frank J. Kelly, Ian S. Mudway, Catherine M. Hawrylowicz

28 Aug 2018

Synergistic Effects of Ambient Temperature and Air Pollution on...

Analitis A, De Donato F, Scortichini M, Lanki T, Basagana X, Ballester F, Astrom C, Paldy A, Pascal M, Gasparrini A, Miche;ozzi P, Katsouyanni K.

24 Aug 2018

Assessing the cumulative health effect following short term exposure...

Rodopoulou S1, Katsouyanni K2, Lagiou P1, Samoli E3.

23 Aug 2018

Perturbation of microRNA signalling by doxorubicin in spermatogonial...

Oluwajoba O. Akinjo,‡ Timothy W. Gant and Emma L. Marczylo.

15 Aug 2018

Assessing the associations of daily respiratory symptoms and lung...

Stergiopoulou A, Katavoutas G, Samoli E, Dimakopoulou K, Papageorgiou I, Karagianni P, Flocas H, Katsouyanni K.

8 Aug 2018

The inter-annual variability of heat-related mortality in nine...

Scortichini M, de'Donato F, De Sario M, Leone M, Åström C, Ballester F, Basagaña X, Bobvos J, Gasparrini A, Katsouyanni K, Lanki T, Menne B, Pascal M, Michelozzi P.

31 Jul 2018

Greater Manchester Health and Economic Impact Assessment study

David Dajnak, Heather Walton, James David Smith and Sean Beevers